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Saturday, June 1, 2013


Wow, it's been a long time, hasnt it? rl has been pretty busy, but I thought I'd do a pictorial of my favorite place in Second Life. Jungleboys.

For those that didnt know, the Chief himself is back. And boy, he outdid himself this time. Jungleboys never really went away, it was always there, It was just in temporary (and good) hjands while the Chief went on his rl adventure. Now, Jungleboys is a huge place, and has a lot to offer, so it may take me a couple installments to cover everything, OR, you can all drop in and be surprised, and discover it for yourselves.

The lagoon is back. And its beautiful. Chief Taylor did a wonderful job here. This is where we have our weekly or daily chats, our awesome dances, and the infamous rumbles!
An aerial view of the lagoon from the other side.
Now, Jungleboys wouldn't be complete without this bad boy. The Volcano. Here is the entrance to the path leading up to it.
The volcano itself and...
The ritual area where naughty jungleboys are still sacrificed,  So try and behave, or you may be fed to the hungry Jungle Gods.
If you wish, you can live here. Either in a tree house, or a sky box. But hurry! These puppies go fast.

Ah, and the Slaves will always be here to serve your every need. So come on over, relax, enjoy some good company. Jungleboys isn't a club, it's a community.

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