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Saturday, December 3, 2011


I've changed alot since my return to Second Life early last year. I'd like to show you my different looks over the last year and a half. I didnt buy too man different looks, but I did go thru a couple drastic changes. These are alll undated, but they are mostly in order. I dont have a pic of what I looked like when I first returned, but it was a look from 2005 I think. So you know it was pretty bad!
 This was shortly after my return to SL. The look was given to me by a friend of mine, After spending a couple weeks running around looking like a total n00b!
 My old land. I sure miss this place.
 And guesss where I am here? One of my favorite hangouts. And it's because of the friends I made here, that I decided to stay in Second Life.
 Eddi Haskell took this one. It's my oiled leather look.
 This look was a gift from a friend. And yes, I was naked when this one was taken. But everyone knows that I like being naked anyway!
My newest, and probably my favorite look of them all! See my fangs? Same skin as the above, just different hair.

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  1. I remember you the most from your first look (first pic)
    I think this is still was your hottest look ;-)
    Good luck with your blog buddy. I will be reading!