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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Club Divas

The new kid on the block is Club Divas. Owned by Dorin Ghosen-Anton, and Bucks Anton-Ghosen. Now, you may have seen these boys before. Dancing their asses off at other gay clubs across the grid. Well, they finally opened their own club, and I must say, it's an awesome one! The boys are as friendly as ever, and they will welcome you right away when you tp in. They have a great Dj line up, and some great dancers as well. They still love to shake it for you. I highly suggest you give this place a try, you will NOT be disappointed!
Dorin and Bucks. Two of my favorite people in Second Life. I've always loved partying with those two!
The Club itself. Notice the dance floor, hence the name Divas!

All in all, this is a great place. So pay them a visit. Parties are at different times, so I suggest you find the Club DivasDivas group and join it for announcements.

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