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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jungleboys Pt 1: St. Leviathan's Boy's College

Ah, higher learning. Who'd a thunk? St. Leviathan's Boy's College is located a few hundred meters over Jungleboys. If you come here, be prepared for some heavy roleplay. While not strictly enforced, RP is very encouraged. When you 'enroll' in St. Lev's, you can choose several different roles. There are now 2 groups for the college, eac with a distinct set of roles you can choose from. The dorms, if you choose to live here, are cheap, and you can decorate your own room any way you see fit. There is a lot of naughtiness that goes on in this school. Taylor Spyker, or the Chief, is the man in charge. If you want a dorm, contact him, or his sexy assistant, TAY Lionhart. And watch out for the Faculty, some will pnish you for disobeying, and I have it on good authority that the school nurse will take really good care of you.

 The school is huge, there's a lot to see and do here. By the way, only male adult avatars are welcome here.
This is where you sign up. Long time students and the staff will be more than happy to welcome you aboard.
The pool is where the swim team comes in for practice. There are also locker rooms and a fight ring nearby, for you more aggressive types.
There are a lot of dorms, but act quick, they go fast!
And the School Nurse will fix you right up. He will take VERY good care of you. ;)


  1. I am just a freshman, but I hope to play and learn a lot at this fine institution.

  2. Well, it's my Alma Matre. Don;t forget to see the nurse!

  3. Hmmmm maybe now that Ziggy is a free man again he needs to um...head back to class ;-)