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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Cell

The newest club in town The Cell has proven itself in the 2 weeks it's been open. With a party almost every night of the week, the Cell is becoming a popular party spot. They have popular Djs, and 3 dancers on the poles. The staff is friendly, and everyone is welcome here. You want a fun party? Then sign up to the club's group and keep an eye open for the announcements. The parties are usually themed. So be prepared to dress up!
The club itself is a very well made build. 
It may look small, but Cell can hold a huge crowd, with plenty of elbow room to spare.
Want a good time? Then come on over and party at the Cell. You will have fun with the hot guys that come there, and the friendly and welcoming staff. Oh, and the dancers are tip to strip, so see if you can get them naked! :)

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