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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spurt-Gay Men's Nudist Beach

I'm Back! Today I thought I'd talk about one of the hottest gay beaches in Second Life: Spurt. With the closure of Paradise Gay Beach a few months ago, Spurt was more than willing to fill the void that Paradise left, and wow, they sure did a fantastic job and then some. Spurt is more than just a place to pick up guys for sex (Although that does happen there too!) It's more like a one stop shop for all your needs. You can pick up a hot date, dance at one of the many parties they host there, shop at the mall, have sex in one of the many sex areas, or just take your date home if your lucky enough to have one of their houses or sky boxes. Spurt is THE place to be if you want to make new friends, or just have fun.

One of the many sex places here at Spurt, there are a few hidden spots as well, but I'll let you discover those on your own. ;)

The White Palms Mall is a great place to go if your looking for that new look, a new outfit or even a sex bed! Planty of shops to go to. Don't miss out!

If dancing's your thing, then try out the many parties. Hot Djs and hot music. and plenty of hot guys!

The beach. This is clothing optional, so feel free to let it all hang out!
As you can see, the place is HUGE. Lot's to explore. So, take my advice and check it out. You'll be so glad you did. :)


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  1. Hey Scotty your are so right. Spurt is a great beach especially for a guy nudist like me in both RL and SL